Technical information

All wheels are hand-built with components that we design, test and produce.


Each wheel is tuned to the smallest detail by our best wheel builders


Spoke holes are accurately drilled by our DSA system


Our Cole Wheels are tested even more rigorously than the necessary certification standards,
to ensure the user's optimal safety


Sophisticated equipment is used to monitor each process


We use high precision CNC to make elegant hubs

Dynamic Spoke Alignment DSA2

Our mission to achieve the perfect balance between strength and weight starts with innovative and purposeful engineering. By using our proprietary and patented Dynamic Spoke Alignment technology, we are able to provide the ultimate in lightness, stiffness and durability. te bieden.

• Now compatible with standard straight-pull spokes
• Common, replaceable bearings for front and rear hubs
• Large front bearings for increased strength and durability

• New, wider hub spacing increases lateral stiffness for greater resistance to lateral loads.

• Improved steering of the front wheel
• High-voltage system for unparalleled energy transfer


Dynamic Spoke Alignment DSA2

Improved strength and durability:
Our DSA2S® hub spokes distribute high stress over a larger area of the hub flange, unlike traditional 'J-Bend' spokes which create a stress point that causes breakage.
• Increased distance from the hub flange increases lateral stiffness for better steering in curves
• Larger bearings improve durability

Superior performance:
• The DSA2S® hub balls rotate to perfectly align the spokes during assembly for unparalleled power transmission. As a result, the hub and spoke system has no pressure points, where failure could otherwise occur due to stress. 

Excellent maintenance possibilities:
Standard straight pull spokes are readily available
• Compatible bearings for front and rear hubs


Characteristics of the sphere clamp to improve rigidity:

Degrees of Freedom for versatility
DSA2S® innovative sphere anchors have a unique feature called Degrees of Freedom. This feature gives you the freedom to use your DSA2S® hub on different rim sizes from a 26" to a 29" while maintaining straight-pull spokes with higher tension. 

Degrees of Freedom with DSA2S® sphere clamps
• Larger contact area at the spoke end for wider load distribution.
Spherical design gives true 360° spoke orientation, allowing for higher stresses.

Easy to build with different rim options
The DSA2S® spoke and hub system has an adjustment range wide enough for wheels from 26" to 29". This means that, regardless of rim size, DSA2S® wheels can be built with perfectly straight spoke alignment and perfect tension. The total angle range for the system is around 5°, far more than any other system available.

1. A 360° freedom of rotation ensures that there are no bends, thus eliminating stress points.
2. Degrees of Freedom for Versatility DSA2S® hubs are compatible with rim sizes from 26" to 29".

Other technologies

oversize axle


Cole® hubs feature a generously proportioned design for both the central body and the rotational axis. Our new 15mm Through Axle Disc hub is the balance between strength and stiffness to withstand the intensity of mountain biking. Oversize Axle guarantees high resistance to lateral and torsional stresses.

X-12 (135/142) SYSTEM

With the X-12 standard, you can quickly change the shaft length from 12mm to 135mm and 142mm wide. The Cole® R&D team created this simple, tool-free application to easily solve a problem.  The kit is included with selected wheels and also available separately.



QR type end caps available for quick conversion from 15mm to the drive shaft.


The Cole® Quick Release is no ordinary locking/unlocking mechanism. It offers optimised weight, function and performance without compromising safety. (Road and MTB)



Cole® has redesigned the relationship between spokes and hubs to create an anti-spin system. We discovered that wheel tension with shallower rim heights is too variable; this can cause the spokes to rotate, which can lead to tension loss. We have the solution to overcome this challenge!


Cole® Carbon racing wheels all come with our patented brake pads. Using a special formula, our brake pads provide unmatched braking power with minimal heat generation. Under high-frequency braking loads, our formulation provides consistent temperature control without overheating. Cole's Pink and Pumpkin pads illustrate such technology.



Observe the wear indicator which fades in colour and check whether it is flush with the brake surface. Safety is important!


Special coating on the brake surface of the rim to minimise heat generation during braking.

heat shield