About us

Cole Wheels Europa

Cole wheels is a culmination of feedback between UCI Pro Tour teams, Cyclo-cross World Champions , and everyday cyclists. At Cole, we combine input from world-class athletes with leading technology to focus on making world class wheels for cyclists in the most demanding conditions.

We created Cole Wheels to help athletes put their mind at ease. All our athletes are constantly pushing their body to the limits. We took away all doubts they had with equipment troubles and failures, ensuring they only have to focus going all out on race day.

Our mission to achieve the perfect balance of strength and weight begins with innovative and purposeful engineering. Utilizing our proprietary and patented 'Dynamic Spoke Alignment' technology'*, we are able to provide the ultimate in lightness, stiffness and durability.


(* DSA-technology: Swiss- made, cold-drawn butted spokes; high modulus compressed carbon fiber; cold- forged and precision machined hubs.)

This translates into better power transfer, as less energy is lost in the flexing of spokes. Higher rigidity wheels offer crisper acceleration and improved tracking through corners.DSA's cylindrical nipples distribute spoke tension and road vibration into a larger contact area, along with a reinforced hub flange. Straight-pull, butted spokes eliminate the stress and breakage of traditional j-bend spokes with easier assembly and maintenance.

Cole wheels redefine performance with its innovative hub technology, combining high tension with quality workmanship. All wheels are hand-built with parts that we design, test and manufacture. Highly precise work processes go into our DSA hubs to ensure a perfect alignment between each individual component - hub, rim and spoke. We rigorously refine our wheels so cyclists of all levels can enjoy the purest cycling emotion.


From concept to prototype, from prototype to finished product, no wheel is subjected to more stringent testing than Cole®. The tests include more than 4 times the EU testing standards, which are already among the strictest in the world. Cole® puts its wheels to the strictest test, so you don't have to. Cole® Wheels are built to perform not only beyond the requirements of the testing regulations, but also beyond those of the most demanding professional athletes in the world.

All our wheels are UCI approved!